Shipping & Returns

This catalog of Amazonas BioTech Non Surgical Reshape Treatments is marketed in association with regional associates and representatives. Depending on your country of residence you may be billed by SoGu, MOAI, Peakmont Dynamics, Group East Gate, Cates Enterprise or CFC. When purchasing at this catalog you accept all Terms, Conditions and Policies published at this site. For payments terms and conditions please read Payments and Refunds policies.

All items in this catalog are shipped from the Amazonas BioTech European Delivery Facility. For any physical/tangible items standard shipping is customarily Priority Registered Air Mail with tracking number delivered against the signature of the receiver, however at certain times we may ship your order by another suitable method at our discretion. Items are shipped as soon as available and in the order of received orders queue, usually in no less than 7 office days and no more than 14 office days from the date of payment received. During periods of high volume of sales as for example during special price offers or season discount campaigns, shipping may take longer due to overload limits in the packaging and shipping department.

After shipping, transit time depends on the country and area of residence. Usual transit time is about 10-12 days to US and Canada, about 5-7 days to European locations, about 5-10 days in the Asia-Pacific region and between 10 to 14 days to other international locations.

All parcels are delivered in unmarked envelopes or packages for preserving the privacy of our clients.

You will receive a tracking number when your items are shipped. You will find the tracking number in your account at the orders history. After you receive the tracking number you must allow 3-5 days before you can track your parcel at the Postal Services website of your country. Your local Postal Services will not start to show your parcel updates until it has reached your country. Some tracking services in some countries will not update the tracking until the parcel is delivered. The shipping date is the date when you received the tracking number

Important: Please be aware that Amazonas BioTechnical Laboratories Delivery Central will make all possible for your orders arrive to you timely and in good condition, however, and unfortunately, we have no control or influence of any kind on the speed of delivery or whereabouts of your parcel once it is in the Postal Services hands. Once the parcel with your order has been shipped and a tracking number has been assigned by the Postal Services as proof of shipping, we are no longer responsible or liable for your parcel in any way. When the parcel with your order has left our hands and until it arrives to you, the sole responsible for the parcel are the Postal Services of origin and the Postal Services of your country of destination. All tracking issues must be addressed to the Postal Services only as we have no influence whatsoever in their procedures, transit times or delivery process. Although the items sold at our sites are usually free to receive for private use in all countries and although Custom or Postal Inspection issues are not expected, all responsibilities and liabilities for any Customs charges, postal inspection delays or local import regulations in your country are assumed by the buyer(you) only. No refunds for lost or returned items will be issued at any time. Any attempts to avoid payment for items lost by the Postal Services, charged Custom duties or refused by local regulations, will be considered an attempt to breach the agreed Terms of Service with fraudulent purpose. See our Zero Tolerance Anti-Fraud and Chargeback Policy. Our regional associates and representatives also participate of the Zero Tolerance Anti-Fraud and Chargeback Program, see i.e. Reach It Anti-fraud Policy

If you wish that your parcel is insured against loss or damage please let us know and we will provide an estimate cost. Usually insurance for your parcel can be obtained for a surcharge of 30% of the value of the order.

For reporting to us issues with your delivery always allow at least 21 days from the date you received the tracking number (shipping date) to contact our Client Support if your parcel does not appear in the tracking system of your national Postal Services, if it appears to be stationary or if it appears as delivered but it was not. As a courtesy to our clients, we will make our best to assist you in locating the parcel and having it delivered, but we hold no liability or responsibility for the actions of the Postal Services or local authorities. Parcels lost, damaged or withheld by the Postal Services are not replaced. Once the shipped parcel appears at the Postal Services tracking system, we decline all liability for damages, loss or Customs/Postal withholding.

If by any reason you do not accept the parcel or do not claim the parcel if withheld by your Postal Service or Customs, no refund will be issued as the items were sold and shipped. Chargebacks in this situation will be considered fraud and we will follow strictly our Zero Tolerance policy

When your order consists in several months treatments or several different treatments, your order will be shipped in several partial deliveries within a short period, for limiting the risk of losses if the parcel is damaged or lost by the carrier during delivery.

All orders paid with credit/debit card or Verified PayPal Account will only be shipped by registered mail to the billing address of the card used for payment and you will be required to sign upon delivery. Exceptions can be done in cases of transgender transition but need to be requested through our ticket system, confidentiality will always be preserved.

If you receive an opened or damaged parcel, please contact the Postal Service or Courier Service that delivered the package to you in your country, do not contact us directly as we cannot help.

No returns are accepted. Given the type of items, all returns are destroyed and do not qualify for refund.

If the items or services you are receiving are not in agreement with your order as logged in the system, immediate replacement for the correct items or services will be ensured

Cancellation of an order after 24 hours of placing it, will receive a charge of € 50 Euros or $ 65 USD for Administrative and Handling costs for covering the expenses of payment processing and the reservation/preparation of the parcel.

Please also See our Zero Tolerance Anti-Fraud and Chargeback Policy.