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IMPORTANT : Amazonas BioTechnical Laboratories announces that the rights to online worldwide sales to private clients have been acquired by a major development group with headquarters in USA and France. This includes the bestseller Femimore and all other Aesthetic Treatments produced by our company.

The acquiring group has decided to prolong the existing format of sales for some time, however, at some point in the future, Amazonas BioTech will only provide all its treatments through Professional Supply Agreements to established Medical Clinics in Asia. In US, CA, EU, UK, AU, NZ and all other markets, an exception will be made for "Active" private clients who will retain the right to purchase for one more year after changes are implemented.

By "Active" clients it is understood any clients who have placed their latest purchase orders online in the latest 3 months. These clients will be able to continue their online purchases for one year after the sales format changes, considering that they might be during treatment time for one year.

All new clients, or registered clients who have not been active in the last three months period, will no longer be able to order through our Online Catalog.

We thank all clients for their trust and loyalty during the past decades of our presence online, we will extend our dedicated services and online sales to those of you who are during treatments or will start a treatment before the changes in sales format are introduced, to all other clients we hope that we have contributed to make your lives better for years to come.

Please contact us if you have questions or want to confirm your status as Active Client that will allow you future purchases.

The content of this page is for informative purposes only. Do not use the "add to cart" button. Clients become automatically Active Clients simply placing any order before limit date