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ACELL-RT 300 is the result of the most recent advanced biomedical research in body reshape. It is a ReShape Treatment Accelerator that may TRIPLE the speed and size of results of Femimore or any of the Amazonas BioTech ReShape Treatments when taken simultaneously with those treatments.

If you have ever wished or wondered how to get faster or larger results from your ReShape Treatment, ACELL-RT 300 is the answer to your wishes.

It took six years to develop and perfect, but is finally here!

ACELL-RT 300 causes the cells of the tissues targeted by the ReShape Treatments to be three times more receptive and responsive. The results observed during clinical testing on volunteers and through the response from users are VERY CLEAR: Up to three times more results in a third of the usual time.

ACELL-RT 300 may even save you money! Your treatments might be shorter and with more results. A treatment normally taken 12 months might be reduced to 5-6 months.

ACELL-RT 300 is so efficient that it has been reported by users to accelerate and increase the results of other types of reshape treatments not only our own.

* This treatment is comprised of active principles in the form of gel-pills. All formulas are proprietary and not disclosed. All treatments are from organic base, not tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians. No allergic responses of any kind have been recorded or reported.

Minimum order for this treatment accelerator is three months supply.

This accelerator is not only fully compatible with ALL Amazonas BioTech ReShape Treatments when taken simultaneously but it is also very easy to use because of its soft-gel pills format

Follow the instructions on the label of the package for achieving the best results.