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K8-CurvesControl, by itself, or as complement to other re-shaping solutions, is THE treatment for KEEPING the perfect curves!

This treatment is the perfect complement for any re-shaping product and an excellent gradual approach to re-shaping when your curves have the tendency to accumulate some excess of fat deposits.

K8-CurvesControl acts on how much fat the body assimilates from the meals and where that fat goes.

Its action is an overall action which is slow and gradual but permanent. When added to a program by a user taking other re-shaping products it enhances and fastens their action. It has been used successfully also in cases that react slow to other treatments.

Differently than other treatments, the pills in K8-CurvesControl are not accumulative in their action and must be taken with each meal.

This treatment is sold in one month supply package. Purchasing a full treatment (12 one month supply) at once will provide you an extra 16 % discount on regular prices or a 6% extra discount during sales and special offers (pink prices) so you will be saving almost a two months supply value. Simply enter the code PRFCLNT6 during Sales when Pink Prices are on or the code PRFCLNT16 when regular prices are on. Read about all available discounts at Discounts FAQ

* This treatment is comprised of active principles in the form of pills. All Amazonas BioTech Integrated Treatments are compatible with each other and in fact the results are potentiated if more than one treatment is taken simultaneously. All formulas are proprietary and not disclosed. They contain organic complex or combined active principles isolated from flowers and plants which are purified and submitted to the latest biotechnological processes for achieving potentialization and conversion into highly bioactive substances which are finally combined with bioidentical carriers and contained into pills or tablets. All treatments are not tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians. No allergic responses of any kind have been recorded or reported.

All treatments in their REGULAR dosage deliver the desired results in a gradual and very effective way.
when extreme and faster results are needed, a double dosage makes an INTENSIVE treatment. To use a treatment in its Intensive form you simply order it from the Intensive ReShape listing. The Guide you receive with some treatments or the label on the package if your treatment does not need a Guide, will tell you how to take double dosage in the most efficient way. This will produce INTENSE results.

Follow the instructions on the label of the package for achieving the best results.

Treatments labelled "MD Choice" allow you to request specific advice from one of our Doctors Specialized in Aesthetic Medicine at the Medical Division of Amazonas Biotechnical Laboratories. More general advice, advice on the use of more than one treatment simultaneously and on other available treatments can be obtained through the link "Talk to our Doctors".

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